resizedimage225168 kidskenpoThe junior Kenpo programme was introduced in 2000.  It is much shortened from the adult syllabus in terms of self defence techniques but the same sets and forms are taught (but at a more basic level).

Given that our junior students range in age from 5 to 16yrs, we also split each class into: Tigers (5-8yrs), Dragons/Teens (9-16yrs).  Clearly the learning capability of Teens/Dragons is more advanced than Tigers, so even within the same belt level, the syllabus may be slightly altered to cater for a smaller physical size and less developed maturity to absorb information.  At all times physical safety is paramount, and respect for their fellow students is expected.    

Sparring (combative fighting) is also taught to juniors but this is fully supervised and protection equipment is used.  For those with a competitive bent we hold an annual Tournament (usually in September) of each year.

The school has around 150 junior members currently training and we have a number of junior black belts. Check out the Timetable to find the best time to come in for your free lesson.