resizedimage225168 adultskenpoAdult classes train a complete 'American Kenpo' Syllabus.  We have 156 Self Defence Techniques, Forms Short1 to Long6 and various training Sets.  Classes run for 75 mins and will cover basics, self defence technique practice, forms practice and sparring.

Basics form the cornerstone of any martial artist so we drill these at the start of every class.

Self Defence Techniques:  When new students look at all the techniques they often get daunted until they understand that there are really only "a handful of techniques and a whole lot of variations".  We teach the principles and reasons behind each move so that students can understand the why, not just the how.  Heavily focused on in class as you cannot learn a technique without a body, class time is a chance to train on all types of bodies!

Forms (Kata).  These teach the rules and principles of Kenpo as well as teach the upper and lower body to work as a synchronised unit.

Sparring: Whilst often not heavily focused on in Kenpo schools, sparring still plays a vital part in learning spontaneity as well how to read an opponent.

Within all this we still train in a relaxed, fun and safe environment.  All students are considered part of the Kenpo Family and we help look after each other when training - even when it gets a bit intense!




See the Timetable for Class Times