Grant Morrison - Senior Instructor

SetWidth150 Grant2I have been interested in martial arts ever since watching "Grasshopper" in Kung Fu in the late '70's.  I mustered up the courage to go along to a new start up club in Blenheim in 1985 (Kempo under Robert Gemmell) and after being shown 3 self defence moves, I was hooked. 

In 1990 I shifted to Wellington as a 1st degree black belt and continued training in Kempo at the Porirua Headquarters until 1995 reaching 3rd black.

Wanting a change of direction and a chance to learn American Kenpo, I joined Shane Rongonui and Jim Oakley (now retired) to set up our own club in 1997 teaching a full American Kenpo syllabus.  Since that time I have trained with many leading Kenpoists who travel to NZ such as Graham Lelliott, Ed Downey Jnr and Jeff Speakman. 

I have also travelled to USA to train with Larry Tatum and was ranked 5th degree black belt by Mr Tatum in March 2009.

However, in search of more in-depth Instruction, I sought out Richard "Huk" Planas in 2012 and since 2014 have brought him to NZ each year for personal training.  NZKKA is now a lineage school of Mr Planas and even though I will train with whoever visits these shores, Mr Planas is my Official Teacher.   


Shane Rongonui - Senior Instructor

SetWidth150 Shane2Started martial arts training in 1984.
Graded 6th degree Black Belt in 2009.
Co-Founded NZKKA in 1997 in order to promote the Parker style of Kenpo Karate.
Trained by Grandmaster Larry Tatum.